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Although milk is not toxic to cats, it can cause digestive upset in many felines. Look instead for special cat milk, which has been treated with an enzyme that prevents stomach problems.

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Entering A Cat Show

Entering A Cat Show
Become a Cat Show Pro!

With so much excitement surrounding cat shows, it's natural to wonder about how to get involved. The first step is to educate yourself by reading about cats and cat shows. There are lots of books, magazines, and Web sites about these subjects. Also, try to attend as many shows as you can. Talk to exhibitors and listen to judges. If you don't already own a cat, familiarize yourself with the various pedigreed breeds and their respective advantages and disadvantages.


Entry Tips:
  • Select the cat show you want to enter.

  • Contact that show's entry clerk for details on your pedigreed breed, or, if your cat is a non-pedigreed cat, ask if the club is having a household pet class at that show.

  • Request a show flyer and entry form from the entry clerk.

  • Send your completed entry form with the required fee before the specified closing date.

  • Familiarize yourself with the rules of showing before entering and attending.
Some shows require veterinary certification prior to enterting the show hall to ensure that diseases are not trasmitted between cats. Whether or not your show requires "vetting," be a responsible pet owner and make sure your cat is certified.


Prior to the show, train your cat so he'll feel comfortable in a cage for long periods of time. A few days before the show, he'll need a thorough bath and his claws trimmed. Declawed cats are not allowed in competition.


For your cat's safety and peace of mind, transport him to the show in a carrier. Your cat will be assigned a number and a "benching" cage. Don't forget to bring your own cage decorations, food, water bowls, and litter pans.

For more information on preparing for your first cat show, you can request a free copy of "Ready... Set... Show!," a complete guide to entering your cat in a Cat Fanciers' Association cat show, by writing:

Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. - Central Office
P.O. Box 1005
Manasquan, NJ 08736-0805

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