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Don't overfill your cat's litter box, as most cats prefer to dig through approximately two inches of material. Fine-grained litters, such as scoopable and clay varieties, also appear to hold kitty appeal.

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By The Cat Fanciers' Association

Coloring - Exotics come in a wide variety of colors in the solid, shaded, smoke, tabby, bi-color and pointed patterns.

Eyes - Brilliant copper, blue, odd-eyed, hazel, green or blue green. Eye color depends upon coat color.

Overall Appearance - The ideal Exotic should present an impression of a heavily boned, well-balanced cat with soft, round lines. The large, round eyes set wide apart in a large round head contribute to the overall look and expression. The thick, plush coat softens the lines of the cat and accentuates the roundness in appearance.

Personality - Exotics have a quiet, endearing nature. Their voices are seldom heard. The Exotic is an ideal breed that produces a quiet, sweet, peaceful and loyal companion.

Interesting Breed Fact - Exotics are bred to meet the Persian standard in every way with one very special exception: the coat has a thick, dense, plush, short coat. Because of the ease of grooming for this special breed, Exotics are sometimes affectionately referred to as the lazy man's Persian.

Breed information supplied by the
Cat Fanciers' Association

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