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To make your cat's day, set up a birdfeeder outdoors and then provide your feline with a comfortable, sunny window seat to watch the avian action.

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Why Adopt?

By Wendy Christensen

Why Adopt?

While I often say, “Adopt, don’t shop,” I didn’t get that far. All of my furry friends found me. The first was Magic, a Siamese kitten who wandered into my copyediting class at college.

After college, when I got my first job working as a reporter for a community newspaper, I met Belle and Gigs. They were born under a production table.

Over the years, other cats found me. I always had them fixed before finding them homes. Our current cat, Earl Grey, arrived on our front porch the week after Belle died. I was going to get another cat, but not then. I needed time to get over the loss of Belle. Earl’s leg was badly broken. We opened the front door, and in true cat fashion Earl hobbled in with an air of regality like he owned the place.

According to the nonprofit rescue organization Alley Cat Allies (, one in three U.S. homes has at least one cat. That adds up to 82 million pet cats. Pet cats only make up part of the total U.S. cat population, though. Scientists estimate that the size of the stray cat population rivals that of the pet cat population.

Our shelters are overcrowded with kittens and cats that are waiting for their forever homes. While we think we are doing the rescuing, it’s the cats that are really rescuing us.                 

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