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The Pros and Cons of Being a Cat Lady

By Dorian Wagner

The Pros and Cons of Being a Cat Lady

He's cute. He's friendly. The conversation is going great … and then you mention your cats.

He gives you the look. Suddenly, you're a little less cute and charming, and a little more crazy. He's picturing an apartment crawling with toy mice, you in a bathrobe and slippers, and him getting scratched across the forehead while sleeping.

Being a cat lady can be a bit of a hurdle when it comes to looking for love. I haven't gotten a third cat yet because I've heard living alone with three cats is where you cross over into “Crazy Cat Lady” territory. It's enough to be single in my 30s -- I don't need to make things even more complicated, right?

If you find yourself in this predicament -- assuming you've told him about your cats and haven't scared him off yet -- bringing the new guy home is a whole other story. He has to know the cats live there, and he's just visiting. You'll make this clear, but will it also become clear that you're nuts?

Then there's the whole sleeping arrangement. Do the cats still sleep in the bed? Should he sleep in awkward positions to accommodate them?

In the end, I've always found that cats are great judges of character. My two boys and me, we're a package deal. They can be surprisingly cooperative when they like someone -- and incredibly difficult when they don't.

The bottom line: The cats love you unconditionally … and so should he.

Dorian Wagner is the founder of and a blogger at The Cat's Meow. She is the proud mom of two cats. Her blogs have previously appeared on The Daily Cat. 

Posted on September 23, 2011

Judy says: I never found it difficult because I could not have tolerated a man who was unkind to animals and children or was threatened by them.  My father and uncles loved animals and they loved them.   My husband started cleaning the litter box early when we started dating because he had read about toxiplasmosis and children later on and still does.  His kindness towards animals and children make him a great husband.   

Posted on February 9, 2011

Angela says: Yes, I find it very difficult and I have more then two cats. The guy I'm dating puts up with them, but my boys like him. When I have sleepovers the cats stay out of the bedroom!

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