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Top 10 Short Cat Videos

By Carol Bryant

Top 10 Short Cat Videos

1. Panty Raid
We’re not exactly sure what the cat in the second drawer is thinking, but the cat in this undercover investigation sure looks like it has an agenda in the top drawer.

2. Happy Meow-day
Not a fan of the song or possibly the sentiment, this kitty means business -- and singing cards are not welcome.

3. Velcro Cat
Contrary to popular belief, cats really do love to be around humans -- some a bit more than others. Funny and cute rolled into one: How could we resist?

4. Meow-ssage
If you could use a massage to ease tired muscles, you aren’t alone. This cat proves that shiatsu is good for the feline soul.

5. Tickle Bug
Can we possibly have a top 10 short cat video list and not include a ticklish kitty? We dare you to not smile through this one.

6. Meow Wow
This one left us speechless. Take a peek at this cat, which seems to have a lot on its mind.

7. Oh Em Gee
“OMG” has become synonymous with shocking Internet exclamations, as in “OMG, have you seen that adorable short cat video?”

8. Cat Got Your Tongue
These talkative kitties have a lot on their minds -- and an owner with very good timing on the video camera.

9. Tickling the Feline Ivories
Ebony and ivory go together for this concerto cat, as each key Nora taps evolves into a musical melody forever etched in YouTube archives.

10. Mom Hugs Are Best
A warm, comforting hug of reassurance from mom makes everything so much better. This kitty is feeling its mother’s love.

Did your favorite short cat videos make the list?

Carol Bryant, writer and frequent media contributor, has been featured on Oprah Radio’s “The Gayle King Show” and on television shows. She has also been featured as a guest speaker at conferences and seminars. Bryant maintains her own dog blog,

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