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Adopting a Second Cat

By The Daily Cat experts

Adopting a Second Cat

Himalayans tend to be exceptionally loving, loyal and intelligent cats. According to J. Anne Helgren, author of Himalayan Cats, it helps to get two Himalayan kittens at the same time. They can then keep each other company and develop a closeness that will likely last through adulthood. It’s possible to add a second kitten at any time, but an adjustment period will be required, since the first kitten probably has established its territory in your home already.

If you wish to add an adult cat to your household, Helgren advises not to leave the two cats alone together. That’s certainly important in your case, since the kitten will have a size and strength disadvantage. Ideally, the two cats should be able to see and smell each other, but not touch at first. Cats communicate with these other senses, so they will get to know each other a bit via odors and visual cues. Give the two cats time to get used to each other. The fact that you have a kitten should help, since the second cat may not feel as intimidated.

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Posted on March 18, 2012

Laura says: I would take care of her but because I hadn't shown any etiponssbilry with the dog, my dad says no to the cat and it doesn't help that he hates them.He didn't even want the dog, but we got one anyway. I still play with my dog and everything but he shows more affection towards my mom and I feel like if I have a cat. I would have a pet of my own. I always offer to help pay for stuff but my parents keep saying no. D:And I'm sorry your mothers boyfriend is such a douchebag. Dx. but anyway, yeah, I don't know what to do by convincing my dad to get a kitty. v.v; I just love cats a lot and I favor them more than dogs since they cuddle. My dog only cuddles with my mom. When I try to cuddle with my dog, he runs away. .___.lul.So yes, I prefer cats over dogs.

Posted on July 31, 2011

Linda says: I have an 8 yr old cat and have just adopted another 8yr old cat. One week later the new cat is trying to take over. The two just sit 4ft apart aand hiss at each other. Help!

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