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Animal Communicators and Psychics: Are They for Real?

By Carol Bryant

Animal Communicators and Psychics: Are They for Real?

“My cat is engaging in a strange behavior.”

“My cats have become territorial and dominate a new cat I’ve brought home.”

“Can you help me communicate with my cat that recently passed away?”

These are a few of the situations that self-proclaimed animal communicator Ann Marie Hoff deals with on a regular basis. She says that she uses a combination of animal communication techniques, including telepathy, clairvoyance and energy. Hoff and others who believe in the practice liken this energy to frequency transmissions over radio and television, X-rays and light forms, enabling the communication.

Sessions may be performed over the phone, where the pet psychic will attempt to reach the cat through energy sensation. After relaxing the mind and being cognizant of breathing patterns, psychics will attempt to transmit a picture or thought to the cat. Visualization is often used to assist owners experiencing behavioral problems with their cats.

The business of helping cat owners overcome behavioral and emotional issues with cats is booming, yet skepticism and jadedness are part of the expected reactions for animal communicators. “For me, my job is to communicate the messages and feelings that come from cats, both alive and on the other side. If someone does not believe in what I do, it isn’t my job to prove to them that I am authentic,” says Hoff.

Cats that suddenly stop using the litter box and cats that no longer get along with one another are examples of a few reasons why cat owners contact an animal communicator. 

Can animal communication be learned? Hoff believes everyone has the ability to communicate with animals to some degree, but others suggest the talent can be cultivated with studying and practicing. Whether it is luck, fate, wishful thinking or a true belief in speaking the language of cats, mediums, intuitive readers and pet communicators have led to a growing trend in the landscape of the pet industry.

Carol Bryant, writer and frequent media contributor, has been featured on Oprah Radio’s “The Gayle King Show” and on television shows. She has also been featured as a guest speaker at conferences and seminars. Bryant maintains her own dog blog,

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