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Turn Your Cat Into a Social Media Star

By Carol Bryant

Turn Your Cat Into a Social Media Star

With almost 1 million cats worldwide, Catbook has become an online phenomenon for people to network with other cat-friendly folks. According to the American Pet Products Association 2011-2012 National Pet Owners Survey, 38.9 million U.S. households own a cat, with many of them engaging in social media. Why should you and your cat be left out?

Romeo the Cat knows all about having the social spotlight shone down on his presence. Cat mom and PR guru Caroline Golon reports that Romeo has been able to turn his large social network into action. “He’s raised more than $60,000 for pet-related causes through social media,” says Golon.

How does a doted-upon indoor cat rise to Internet fame? Golon recommends beginning on Twitter, since a large pet community exists there. “You can start conversations pretty much off the bat and expand it.” Admittedly, she spends between eight and 10 hours a week blogging and splitting time between Facebook and Twitter.

Gracey is a celebri-cat in her home. Cat mom, writer and blogger Joanne McGonagle is the founder of The Tiniest Tiger. With Gracey as the muse for the website Conservation Cub Club, McGonagle relates the similarities between big cats and their small domesticated cousins. She engages regularly using social media for Gracey.

Recommended “Do Now” Steps:

  • Network in person with other cat lovers and cat social media stars at social media conferences, such as the yearly BlogPaws event. Hundreds of pet lovers and brands come together to learn, share ideas, attend workshops and form priceless in-person connections. Pets are welcome.
  • Register a Twitter page for your cat and begin engaging with other cat “tweeps.”
  • Join Catbook or a similar cat social media network and engage.
  • Consider a cat blog using a free platform like WordPress, Blogger or TypePad.

Cats are leaving their paw prints scattered across the Internet. With proper planning, your pet can be a social media standout.

Romeo the Cat Credit: Caroline Golon

Carol Bryant, writer and frequent media contributor, has been featured on Oprah Radio’s “The Gayle King Show” and on television shows. She has also been featured as a guest speaker at conferences and seminars. Bryant maintains her own dog blog,

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