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I Found a Stray Cat. Now What?

By Dorian Wagner

I Found a Stray Cat. Now What?

With kitten season officially underway, it’s not uncommon to find stray, lost or abandoned cats and kittens now. Your heart cries out for these poor kitties, but what can you do to help them?

First, make sure they have sufficient food and water and are in a safe place. If you can bring a cat in, do so, but keep it away from your own pets to be sure it’s healthy. It’s also important to spay, neuter and vaccinate any cats that you are feeding.

If you find an unattended kitten that is too young to eat by itself, call your local animal shelter. They may be able to take the cat, or they may have suggestions about other organizations that can. If not, they are often willing to do a “courtesy posting” on to help it find a good home.

Ask friends to ask around. Chances are there’s a cat-lover out there who will help out and appreciate your concern for the kitty!

Most importantly, do not post an adoption ad for the cat on Craigslist because it does not give you any background information on potential adopters, which could put you and the cat at risk.

Dorian Wagner is the founder of and a blogger at The Cat's Meow. She is the proud mom of two cats. Her blogs have previously appeared on The Daily Cat. 

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Posted on May 23, 2011

Mark says: Why would you take in a stray if you don't know if it can be litter box trained?  We've had a stray show up and started feeding him but I will not bring him in (I have a 95 lb dog).  I've never had a cat before and don't how easy it is to train or know how to detect age or illnesses.

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