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Obesity can lead to many feline health problems. If your cat no longer has a proportional figure (it loses its "waist"), check with your veterinarian whether your tabby is too tubby.

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Two Cats Are Better Than One

By Dorian Wagner

Two Cats Are Better Than One

Thinking about adopting a cat? Here are five reasons why you should think about bringing home a pair instead:

1. Double the fun, half the trouble! Kittens don’t like to be alone. They crave constant attention and stimulation, so when left up to their own devices they often end up in some naughty situations. To save your plants from being chewed, your curtains from being shredded or your vases from being toppled, adopt a pair of kittens instead and they’ll keep each other entertained and, most importantly, out of trouble.

2. Friends have benefits. If you tend to leave your home for long weekends or overnight, having two cats at home will help make your absence less of a lonely time for your pets. Animals grow attached and accustomed to having their people around, and can become depressed or stressed when they feel abandoned or ignored. Adopt two cats and they’ll be less likely to get sad every time you grab your keys and head for the door.

3. BOGO and 2-4-1 deals! Shelters are always overcrowded and looking for inventive and enticing ways to get more pets adopted out. The latest trends in adoption “specials” are offers like “Adopt one, get one half off,” or “Adopt one cat, get a second one for free” deals. Some shelters have used this to help get less-adoptable pets homes, such as offering up a “shadow” to go along with your pet, allowing you to adopt any cat and get a black cat for no additional adoption fee. Your second kitty could be a real bargain.

4. Buddy up and burn calories. One of the biggest health concerns for cats is weight. Obesity can cause a slew of issues and diseases. It’s no secret that cats love to sleep their days away, but with a friend around, they’ll spend more time chasing each other, playing together and being more active. They’ll get more exercise and be less likely to gain unnecessary pounds.

5. You get to save two lives. Perhaps the most rewarding reason for adopting two cats instead of one is knowing that you’ve given the gift of life, love and happiness to a second cute kitty. Many shelters are kill shelters, and animals there could only have days to find their way into a forever home before their time is up. Adopt a pair and be a hero to two new friends.

Dorian Wagner is the founder of YourDailyCute.com and a blogger at The Cat's Meow. She is the proud mom of two cats. Her blogs have previously appeared on The Daily Cat. 

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Posted on October 6, 2011

Kay york says: I indended to adopt only a orange cat from my vet, but ended up taking his brother also when he started to meow at us. They were great until the one brother passed! Shortly after the surviving cat started deep meowings in the middle of the night, when they two of them used to play. I ended up getting a puppy for him to play with, and they are great friends. It starts out with the dog chasing the cat and ends up with the cat chasing the dog, or the other way around. I sit here laughing at them both, such joy!

Posted on October 4, 2011

coolvan says: I have two brothers who are amazing together. They play alot and fight like regular siblings. They also get in trouble together I think one is the look out for the other when they are being mischevious. Yet they have distinct personalities. I love having two cats.

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