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With proper documentation, cats can travel freely throughout the United States. Hawaii is the only exception, requiring all entering cats to be quarantined for 30 to 120 days. Check with officials prior to your trip or move.

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Can age affect my cat’s sense of smell?

The aging process can affect all of your cat's senses. Many older felines lose some of their hearing ability, for example. If you have an older cat that no longer hears well, you can try tapping on the floor to get its attention. Cats can be quite sensitive to the vibration on the floor, and can somehow sense the movement several rooms away. Your cat's sense of smell may also be affected by age. However, all cats are different, so the degree of loss may vary widely. Loss of smell may have a link to dementia, which cats can suffer from too, but studies are ongoing. If your cat's sense of smell has faded, your pet may not be as attracted to its food. Felines rely heavily on smell to rev up their appetite and to provide important information about the food, such as whether it's familiar to them and if it's safe to eat. To enhance the aroma of meals for your cat, try warming wet food briefly in the microwave. You can also stir warm water into the food to create a bit of tempting, aromatic heat and steam.

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