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With proper documentation, cats can travel freely throughout the United States. Hawaii is the only exception, requiring all entering cats to be quarantined for 30 to 120 days. Check with officials prior to your trip or move.

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Whenever my cat sees me wearing rings, he bites at them. None of my other cats has ever shown interest in my jewelry. Why does he do this?

Cats are very nosy by nature. Some felines even lunge at foreign objects, which is probably what’s happening with yours, as there seem to be no visual or odor cues that would prompt a cat to pay much attention to jewelry. Scientists believe cats can distinguish between colors, but as you said, not all cats go bonkers for jewelry. Think about the situation from your pet’s perspective. The objects are moving because they’re on your hands, and they’re within easy grasp of what sounds to be a very playful kitty. You might also unknowingly be training your cat to go after them by moving more -- rightfully so -- after he bites or by speaking and providing more attention afterward, even if it’s negative. Your cat clearly is in a mood to play, so try to redirect his attention to a pole toy or other object, turning his misbehavior into something more productive. If his bites haven’t hurt you, he doesn’t otherwise target your bare hands and the jewelry isn’t too valuable, then you could just have some fun with your cat during such moments. But a simple solution is to remove the jewelry before you hold and pet your cat.

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