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Try to determine your cat's breed (or breeds), as certain health conditions have genetic links. For example, Persians and Abyssinians tend to be at risk for kidney problems, which are manageable if diagnosed early.

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Rescue Hero Story About Joe, AKA Tooty Rooty

Name: Joe, AKA Tooty Rooty

Age: 3

Breed: SHD

Owner: Lori

Hometown: Anderson, IN

My Rescue Story:

Joe came to me as a feral - I started leaving food and water out and talking gently to him every time he came around. It took a lot of work and almost 9 months to gain his trust. I spent a lot of time lying on my driveway talking to him as he sat under my car staring at me. I would put the food closer and closer to me each time. Finally, he allowed me to touch the top of his head one nite as he ate. That evolved into regular head scratches, longer petting sessions, and eventually learning to sit on my lap, all in the garage with the door wide open so he could escape easily if he became uncomfortable. Exposure to the cat carrier came next, and along with the help of medicine from my vet, I was able to sedate him and take him in to be vaccinated and neutered. Two years later, he is the most loving, most appreciative and happiest cat I have. He smiles constantly and I wouldn't know what to do without him!!

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