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Hairless cat breeds, such as a Sphinx or a Peterbald, don't necessarily mean less maintenance. Although these cats are beautiful, unusual and affectionate, their exposed skin often requires more care than that of a typical furry feline.

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Rescue Hero Story About Fuzzball

Name: Fuzzball

Age: 7

Breed: Domestic Longhair

Owner: David Barboni

Hometown: New London, CT

My Rescue Story:

Late one frigid December night, as I was coming home, I opened the front door and saw a grey flash zoom past me and into the house. At first, I thought nothing of it, assuming it was our grey/white domestic shorthair, Smooch -- but when I turned on the light, I saw a shivering, shaggy grey cloud on four long legs, with two golden-green eyes staring at me from a face that was crying to beat the band. "Who are you, baby?" I asked, then reasoned, "Well, whoever you are, you sure look like you could use a good meal." I broke out a can of cat food, my furry guest fell on it as if he'd not eaten in weeks -- and Fuzzball's been a beloved part of the family ever since. If he hadn't gambled all on that mad rush into the house, he might well have ended up a cat-sicle that night -- so one has to give Fuzzball points for being a real survivor. (He's shown here at a favorite activity, denning in any box he finds.)

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