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Cat toys stimulate different types of behavior in felines. Choose at least one toy to fulfill each of these desired, feline-inclined activities: carrying, wrestling, rolling and cuddling.

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  • Pets and Kids--What They Can Handle

    Just because your kid is begging you for a furry friend to call her own doesn't mean she's necessarily ready for the responsibility of taking care of one. Keep these things in mind before running out to add a new member to your family.

  • The Best Games for Cats

    It's important to keep your cat active by providing her with stimulating games. Here are some of the best.

  • How to get your cat to use the litter box

    It might seem impossible, but with these simple steps your cat will be using her litter box in no time.

  • Bring the outdoors in

    How to make your indoor cat happy and stimulated

  • Kitten Behaviour Essentials

    Understanding the 5 stages of kittenhood can be a life saver

  • Kitten Behavior Essentials

    Want your kittens to be more social and intelligent? Start doing one simple thing to bring out its best.

  • Exercise for Couch Potato Cats

    Get your cat mobile with fun play sessions each day

  • Are Mischievous Cats Just Bored?

    Is your cat always in your closet? Does she knock over plants and bother you at night? Your home could be dullsville for your feline, but it may only require simple changes.

  • Cats Sacrifice Efficiency for Smooth Moves

    Your cat's gait carries more meaning than the need to get from point A to point B, and it may offer explanation for the hunger that soon follows.

  • Kitten Kindergarten

    Games and basic etiquette are two of many subjects covered in kitty classes cropping up all over the country. Discover why sooner beats later when educating cats.

  • What Purring Means

    What we know about this common form of feline social communication.

  • Cat Litter Box Problems Eliminated

    Our expert gives handy hints on how to retrain your cat to use its litter box effectively

  • How Cats Interact With Us

    Cats are an important part of the family but it's vital we learn to respect their need for space

  • Five Ways To Make Your Shelter Cat Feel at Home

    Shelter cats make great pets. There are just a few things to know to make your new cat's transition to your home easier for both her and you.

  • Are Cats Loners?

    You know the perception, but if you live with an attention-seeking kitty, you may have different thoughts. Here's the truth about cat loneliness, and how you can help prevent it.

  • Your Cat's Inner Kitten Released

    No matter how old your cat is, it likely has an "inner kitten" that's ready to pounce, learn and explore. It just may take a little coaxing.

  • How Your Cat Says "I Love You"

    A feline can't speak those three magic words, but it can certainly show you how much it cares. Here are seven signs that your cat is crazy -- about you.

  • Photographing Your Elusive Feline

    Capturing quality images of your cat can prove to be a challenge, since most felines aren't willing subjects. By following these tips from our pet photography experts, you'll soon be showing off your perfect pet pics.

  • Does Cat Behavior Change With the Seasons?

    Do cats go through seasonal behavior changes, such that my cat would act somewhat differently during spring than during winter?

  • Misbehaving Cats Need Schooling

    When you live with someone, including one or more feline friends, their annoying bad habits can drive you crazy over time. A refresher behaviour course may be in order, with you serving as teacher.

  • Do cats respond to different human languages or accents?

    My cat understands basic commands from me, but when a friend recently visited from Europe, my cat would not respond to her at all, even when she said the same words in English.

  • What to Do With a Feline Loudmouth

    Does your cat ever meow, or even scream, to the point where you desire a quieter kitty? All it takes are some gentle techniques to hush your cat.

  • Ensure Curiosity Doesn’t Kill Your Cat

    The phrase "curiosity killed the cat" may hold some truth, since cats are known to sometimes be too inquisitive for their own good. Find out what steps you can take to protect your investigative friend.

  • Facial Profiling of Cats

    What is the theory of cat face geometry, and can it really help predict how a cat will behave?

  • How Do Cats Jump?

    How do cats always land on their feet after jumping, and can a cat ever jump too high?

  • Cat Marking Explained

    Your cat marks everything that it likes, from toys to walls to you. But what's going through its brain when it brushes past you with a seemingly heartfelt head-butt or when it sprays urine on furniture?

  • How to Stop and Prevent Cat Scratching

    My cat has a habit of scratching the furniture in my house. What can I do to stop this behavior?

  • Protect Your Cat From Houseplants

    My cat is forever sticking its nose into my houseplants and flowers. How can I keep both my cat and my plants safe?

  • Does Cat Behavior Change With the Seasons?

    Do cats go through seasonal behavior changes, such that my cat would act somewhat differently during spring than during winter?

  • Stop Cat Bullying

    My younger female cat seems to be bullying my older male cat. Am I just imagining this? If not, what can I do to prevent it?

  • Cat Displacement Behavior

    What is a displacement behavior for cats, and how does licking fall under that description?

  • Find Your Perfect Kitten

    I'd like to get a new kitten, and I've heard that there are quick ways to determine a kitten's temperament. How I can do this?

  • Do Bored Cats Sleep More?

    If my cat seems sluggish and is sleeping more, does that mean it is bored?

  • Do Cats Walk on Their Toes?

    I've read that cats walk on their toes. Is this beneficial to them?

  • What Your Cat’s Anxiety Means

    My 18-year-old cat suddenly seems more anxious. It meows more and frequently seems confused. What could be going on?

  • How You Can Bring in a Stray Cat

    I recently took in a stray cat that is still skittish about being petted. How can I get it to enjoy my good intentions?

  • How Cats Show Their Happiness

    Do cats smile when they are happy?

  • Handling the Death of a Cat in a Multi-cat Home

    My female cat just lost her brother and she seems to be very lost. She has never been alone before, and I am not sure what to do for her.

  • How Cats Leave Their Mark

    My cat seems to leave behind a greasy mark when it regularly rubs against things. What is causing this?

  • Why Your Cat Acts Stressed and Anxious

    One of my cats is much more anxious and skittish than my other two. Was it born this way, or could something else be causing this behavior?

  • How to Recognize Feline Non-recognition Aggression

    What is feline non-recognition aggression? I think it may be happening in my home, but I can't be sure.

  • Is It Normal for Kittens to Act Hyper?

    Recently, my playful kitten pounces and runs like you wouldn't believe. Do kittens go through a stage of being extra active?

  • Cat Sleep Routines

    Before my cat goes to sleep, it marches around in a tight circle. Why?

  • Do Cats Hate Water?

    Why do some cats seem to enjoy being around water, but most don't?

  • Do Cats Cry Tears When They Are Sad?

    Can my cat's emotions, specifically sadness, make it produce real tears like humans do?

  • What Is a Normal Body Temperature for Cats?

    Why is my cat's body temperature higher than what's normal for humans? Does this higher temperature affect its behavior in any way?

  • What Do Your Cat’s Positions Mean?

    When playing, my cat will often roll on one side and show me its tummy. Does this mean something?

  • Can Cats Find Their Way Home?

    I often hear about cats that find their way back home, even after traveling hundreds of miles. How do they achieve this feat without a map or someone to guide them?

  • Train Your Aggressive, Biting Kitten

    My new female kitten is obsessed with ankles, and is constantly trying to bite mine. Is this normal? How can I train her to stop?

  • Cat Breeds for Dog Lovers

    Are you a dog-centric pet owner who’s looking to get a cat for the family? These cat breeds just may win you over.

  • Get to Know Your Cat’s Sounds

    Why are some cats so vocal, while others seem to hardly meow?

  • What to Name Your Cat

    Does it matter what I name my cat, and are felines likely to respond better to certain names than to others?

  • Do Cats Sing?

    I recently read that rodents sing long, complicated songs to each other. Birds, of course, sing. But do cats sing as well?

  • Why Do Cats Fear Dogs?

    Are cats born with a fear of dogs, or do they learn this behavior based on experience?

  • Can Your Cat Save Your Life?

    I read about dogs that save their owners' lives by getting help or opening doors. Are there examples of cats that have saved their owners' lives?

  • Adopting a Second Cat

    I have a sweet Himalayan kitten, and I would like to adopt another cat now. Do I need to keep anything in mind when selecting this second cat -- such as its age, sex and/or breed -- to ensure they get along?

  • Do Cats Really Prefer Women?

    New research shows what many of us have long suspected: Cats adore women. But why, and can men enjoy equally strong bonds with felines?

  • Do Cats Fake Sleep?

    Do cats sometimes "play possum" by pretending to be asleep? If so, why would they do this?

  • Can Cats Have Spiritual Experiences?

    A prominent neurologist believes cats may have out-of-body experiences and other sensations that are associated with human spirituality.

  • Why Healthy Cats Sometimes Act Sick

    New research explains why even healthy cats may exhibit what veterinarians call "sickness behaviors."

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Walking Cats

    My cat has a new leash, and I’m now excited to take her out for a walk with it. What are some do’s and don’ts for walking cats?

  • Cats Are Inspiring New Supercomputers

    Your next computer might have the brain of your cat. Find out how computer engineers are using cats to inspire the next wave of high-tech machinery.

  • Calm the Fears of Your Scaredy-Cat

    Does your cat freak out during veterinary visits or dive under the bed whenever guests arrive? Our experts share how you can ease common cat fears before they get out of hand.

  • Top 10 Thanksgiving Tips for Cat Owners

    Inquisitive cat behavior and Thanksgiving don’t always mix. Keep your kitty safe and happy this holiday season with these suggestions.

  • Special Purr Allows Cats to Manipulate Humans

    Do you sometimes feel like your cat controls you, albeit ever so sweetly? Scientists are discovering there is, in fact, some truth to that.

  • Moving With Your Cat

    Relocating to a new home can put a lot of stress on your cat. Make life easier for both you and your cat by following these tips.

  • Signs of a Stressed-out Cat

    Is your cat feeling overly tense? Tune into specific cat-stress clues and ease the mind of your anxious feline.

  • Top 5 Summer Cat Health Concerns

    Summertime usually means easy living, but for your cat, it could mean a multitude of health concerns. Look out for these five problems that can surface during summer.

  • Your Cat's Life Demystified

    A day in the life of your cat is more complex than you may think. Here, we've uncovered some of your pet's puzzling behaviors from a.m. to p.m.

  • How and Why Cats Purr

    Your cat's purr may be the calm you need after a busy day. But those good feline vibrations serve an important function too. Discover the meaning behind the purr.

  • Are Two or More Cats Better Than One?

    Want your cat to live a longer, happier life? Consider a roommate. Two or more cats can be optimal under certain circumstances.

  • Choosing the Best Cat Litter for Your Pet

    How do you know which cat litter is the best for you and your cat? We've weighed the pros and cons of each.

  • How to Live With Your Crepuscular Cat

    If you're finding that your daily routine conflicts with your cat's, you're not alone. It's time to tweak your pet's schedule to fit your needs.

  • Unleash Your Cat's Inner Hunter

    Does your house kitten appear bored -- and overweight? Bring out your cat's hunting drive to enhance mealtime.

  • Cats Go to College

    If term papers and exams are causing strain on you or your college-age child, look to cats for relief. Adopting a furry friend can reduce stress and improve grades.

  • Do Cats Know and Express Love?

    Love is in the air, but this feeling may not be exclusive to humans. Your cat could have his or her own valentine, and it may even be you.

  • Five Reasons to Keep Your Cat Indoors

    Do you let your cat out to roam? Here are five good reasons why your kitty should stay indoors this winter -- and always.

  • Don't Let Halloween Spook Your Cat

    Halloween can be scary for felines -- and not just because of ghosts. Here's how to safeguard your cat from noise, open doors leading to lost pets and unwanted attention from costumed kids, while still enjoying treat-filled fun.

  • What to Do With a Demanding Kitty

    Whoever said that all cats are loners obviously never spent much time with a needy house kitty. Here's how to handle felines that demand your attention 24-7.

  • Cat Summertime Disease Safeguards

    You love summer's long days and warm weather -- and so do disease-causing parasites like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and heartworm, which could pose a threat to your feline's health.

  • Ensure Curiosity Doesn't Kill Your Cat

    The phrase "curiosity killed the cat" may hold some truth, since felines are known to sometimes be too inquisitive for their own good. Find out what steps you can take to safeguard your investigative friend.

  • Bringing the Outdoors Inside

    Make your feline's indoor experience as exciting as the great outdoors by engaging all of its senses.

  • It's All Mine! Cat Marking Explained

    Your cat marks everything it likes, from its toys to the walls to you. But what's going through your kitty's head and how can you help channel this habit?

  • Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

    Cats sometimes act kooky. From walking along the edge of the tub while you shower to chasing their tails, find out what's going through your furry friend's noggin when it behaves strangely.

  • From Restless Feline to Sweet Dream Machine

    Nightmares can spook us when we wake, just as happy dreams may comfort us long after we arise. Felines may experience the same, as researchers believe cats dream, too. Here are simple ways to improve your cat's chances of experiencing pleasant dreams.



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