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Kittens are usually immune to catnip, so if you have a kitten, refrain from purchasing catnip until your pet is at least 6 months of age or older.

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  • From Feline to Family Member

    Seven ways to show your cat that it's a true member of your clan.

  • When to Feed Cats a High-calorie Diet

    The world is full of corpulent cats, but some felines need an extra calorie boost, such as cats with dental problems or those that are recovering from illness.

  • How to Prevent 5 Common Cat Illnesses

    As the axiom goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Here are tips to prevent some of the most common cat health problems.

  • 6 Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy in 2012

    If you made health resolutions for the new year, why not include your cat’s wellness in this plan? Ensure your cat’s good health by following these recommendations.

  • Global Cat Food Market Trends

    Do cat owners in Europe look for the same qualities in cat food as feline fanciers in Vietnam? Analysts weigh in on worldwide pet food trends.

  • Can New Cat Feeders Help Solve Mealtime Problems?

    We look at some of the newest feeders, from combo play-food stations to "slow-down" bowls for tubby tabbies, to see if they live up to their claims.

  • Cat Food Ingredients for Good Health

    Cat food with just the right balance of a special ingredient can literally make your cat shine with the glow of good health.

  • When to Feed Cats a High-calorie Diet

    The world is full of corpulent cats, but some felines need an extra calorie boost, such as cats with dental problems or those that are recovering from illness.

  • Special Food Choices for Your Senior Cat

    Cats these days are living longer, healthier lives. If your cat is now a senior, find out how aging affects food consumption, and how you can help.

  • The Lowdown on Low pH in Cat Food

    Cats -- especially seniors -- may suffer from bathroom issues, such as calcium crystal formation in urine. The food you feed your pet can help make sure what goes in comes out the way it should.

  • The Top Benefits of Senior Cat Food

    Eleven is the new seven for cats. Find out how senior cat food is helping adult cats live longer, more productive lives.

  • How You and Your Cat Can Go Green

    Sustainability is the buzzword in the pet food industry now, with decisions affecting everything from ingredients to packaging.

  • 6 Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy in 2012

    If you made health resolutions for the new year, why not include your cat's wellness in this plan? Ensure your cat's good health by following these recommendations.

  • When to Feed Cats a High-calorie Diet

    The world is full of corpulent cats, but some felines need an extra calorie boost, such as cats with dental problems or those that are recovering from illness.

  • Healthy Nutrition for Your Senior Cat

    Foods for an active senior cat can promote healthy digestion and help improve immune response, all while fueling your cat's busy day. Here's what to look for.

  • Cat Food: Then and Now

    Cat food has certainly changed over the years. We look back at the first cat foods, tracing their evolution to today's modern products.

  • Does Food Taste Different to Cats and Dogs?

    Recent studies reveal why cats are from Venus and dogs are from Mars when it comes to choosing, tasting and even digesting food.

  • Go Green With Your Cat

    I'm concerned about the environment and would like to buy more "green" products for my cat, both to benefit it and to prevent pollution. What new items do you recommend?

  • How to Select Cat Food

    A recent survey shows how Americans choose cat food, and as it turns out, most of us need to change our selection criteria.

  • Why Healthy Cats Sometimes Act Sick

    New research explains why even healthy cats may exhibit what veterinarians call "sickness behaviors."

  • Cat Food That Maintains Healthy Digestion

    Ingredients in your cat's food may be the simple solution to its digestive issues. Veterinarians share the best diet tips for
    healthy digestion.

  • Top Feeding Tips From Cat Owners

    Mealtime for cats doesn’t just have to be about the food -- it can also be a special time for you and your pet. Here are tips from owners on making mealtime memorable for everyone.

  • Mealtime in a Multi-cat Home

    Are you experiencing feeding problems during mealtime in your multi-cat home? Here are some answers to common problems in homes with more than one cat.

  • Help Your Cat Go Green at Mealtime

    Are you actively “green” or looking to become more eco-friendly? Make a positive impact on the environment, starting with your cat’s food and its packaging.

  • 7 Food Ingredients for Your Cat’s Health

    Some cat foods are now specially formulated to protect your cat against common health problems.

  • How Cat Food Is Made and Tested

    From the initial recipe idea to the final product, learn how high-quality cat food is made and how it is then later tested by eager cat volunteers.

  • Cat Food Ingredients: The 4 Essential Groups

    Cats are carnivores, so protein from meat is essential. But can you guess what the other key ingredient groups are in quality natural cat foods?

  • Weight Control Cat Foods Evaluated

    A new study has found that weight control foods for cats vary widely, both in calories and price. Learn what to look for and why “lite,” “light” and “low calorie” aren’t always what they seem.

  • Why Your Cat Won’t Eat

    Is your cat finicky to the point that it’s showing a loss of appetite? This can signal a number of problems, but all can be prevented and treated.

  • Whet Your Cat’s Appetite With Wet Food

    The term “canned cat food” is all wet: Thanks to new flavors, additions and recipes, many manufacturers now prefer the phrase “wet cat food.” Which of the new products are best for your pet?

  • Is Your “Natural” Cat Food Truly Natural?

    Many cat foods claim to be “natural,” but some products merit that description more than others. This guide will help you find the right pet food for your cat.

  • Last-minute Holiday Food Gifts for Cats

    With a touch of creativity, you can satisfy all of the nice, not naughty, cats on your holiday shopping list with affordable, edible gifts they’ll actually use.

  • Multi-cat Food Explained

    You’re probably wondering what the term “multi-cat” on pet food labels is referring to exactly. This food product may be the best choice for your felines.

  • Top 10 Thanksgiving Tips for Cat Owners

    Inquisitive cat behavior and Thanksgiving don’t always mix. Keep your kitty safe and happy this holiday season with these suggestions.

  • The Best Protein Sources for Your Cat

    As carnivores, cats crave and love meat. But are you feeding your feline the types of meat that provide optimal nutrition?

  • How Veterinary Formula Cat Foods Work

    Are you concerned about your cat’s health? New veterinary formula therapeutic cat foods may be the answer to your worries.

  • Cat Food for Seniors

    An old cat doesn't necessarily mean a healthy cat. Help your feline achieve optimal wellness by feeding it the right food for this advanced stage of life.

  • "Natural" Cat Food Explained

    You might not realize that food control officials monitor use of the word "natural" on labels. What should you expect when buying natural cat food for your pet?

  • Cat Food for Life

    Cat foods target different life stages, but how do you know when it's time to switch? We've got the answers, and reasons why your food choices could lower veterinary bills.

  • Matching Food to Your Feline

    Want to know which food choices are best for your cat's profile? Pet nutritional consultant Bernadine Cruz, DVM, is an expert at picking the perfect foods for any feline.

  • Cat and Dog Food Differences Explained

    Cat and dog foods may look similar, but they're worlds apart when it comes to taste and nutrition.

  • Indoor Living Changes Cat Food Needs

    Most experts agree that indoor living promotes a happier, healthier existence for your cat, but this literal lap of luxury can change your pet's food requirements. Learn why your cat may need food specially formulated for indoor kitties.

  • New Recipes Transform Canned Cat Food

    If variety is the spice of life, then today's canned cat food is red hot, given all of the choices now available. Find out how new flavor combinations, textures, marinades and more could make your feline meow for seconds.

  • Six Health Problems Targeted by Cat Food

    New cat foods could protect your pet from six of the most common kitty health problems. Find out what these problems are and learn how what your cat eats today might affect its future health.

  • Cat Foods Go Natural

    Your farmers market purchases may start to resemble the ingredients in kitty's dinner, with the emergence of more of high-quality, natural ingredients in pet food.

  • Seven Signs Your Cat's Eating Right

    Evidence exists that you've made the right cat food choice, and it comes in the form of your very own feline friend. Find out how, in seven steps, you can see the way your cat food may promote healthy vitality in your pet.

  • Human Panel Judges Cat Food

    A wine connoisseur has just introduced a new method of evaluating cat food: a tasting panel with a human touch.

  • Multi-cat Foods Simplify Mealtime

    Can a food designed for multiple cats help better satisfy your furry friends?

  • The Feline Food Pyramid

    While we may rely on the familiar food pyramid for our daily needs, the pyramid isn't just for people. Learn what nutrients and foods kitty needs to lead its healthiest life.

  • Flavors Cats Love, Hate and Ignore

    Cats seem to have mastered the look of indifference, particularly when it comes to food. But the upturned nose may have more to do with feline taste buds than pickiness. Here are helpful hints to keep your cat coming back for more.

  • Cat Food, Demystified

    What does it mean when veterinarians "recommend" commercial pet food products? Learn about the criteria that the pros use when evaluating cat food, and what this means for you and your favorite feline.

  • Your Cat's Nutritional Balancing Act

    Most commercial pet foods maintain that they are chockfull of essentials for kitty's best health -- but what, exactly, does that mean? Find out the six cat food necessities, and what can go wrong if the formula's off.



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