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Mr. Biscuit

Cat Tips

Give your cat a nose-to-tail exam, making sure that its ears and teeth are clean and odorless, fur is free of parasites, skin is lump- and bump-free, and weight has remained stable.

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Welcome to The Daily Cat!

About Us

The Daily Cat is an award-winning* multi-media editorial program with a mission to provide cat owners with practical skills and the insights necessary to give one’s cat the most comfortable, long, and happy life possible. Original content in this program provides answers to questions about cat health, diet, behavior, mind, and spirit. Readers learn how to integrate their cats into their own hectic modern lives, while still maintaining safety and comfort for the animal.

Editorial Team

Managing Editor

Jennifer Viegas is an award-winning writer and editor who specializes in animal topics. She is a longtime contributor, radio personality and broadband video director for Animal Planet's multimedia offerings, Discovery Channel News, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Formerly Viegas was the science and animal reporter for ABC News, a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and women's magazine contributing editor. Viegas is also author of over 20 books on a range of topics from animals to science.

Frequent Contributors

Brad Kloza is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine and Discover.

Elizabeth Wasserman is a Washington, D.C., area-based freelancer who has been writing about pets, among other topics, for more than 15 years. Her love of dogs, in particular, was handed down through the generations from her great-grandfather, Eric Knight, who wrote the book Lassie Come Home in the 1030s.

Darcy Lockman is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times and Rolling Stone.

Kim Boatman is a Northern California-based journalist whose work has appeared in The Miami Herald, Detroit Free Press and San Jose Mercury News.


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