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Survey your home for common kitty household hazards, including dangling electrical cords, poisonous plants, garbage disposal switches, drapery cords, open clothes dryers, ripped screen doors and breakables to ensure that your cat is truly safe.

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Age: 3 Years


Owner: Nathalie

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Likes: Chasing Balled up papers,Punkin' his Older Bro "Solace" Messing with mommy,chasing that RED DOT coming frm a pointer cause it makes me go nuts! Getting what I want even after being a Brat!

Dislikes: Getting Over hug cause I'm irresistably fat! not getting what I demanded at once

Nathalie says:

Brucer "The Brat" Says: I'm The youngest from my pride! I have an elder Kitty Brother that I like to punk often.! I like to chase what seems to be a Red dot all over the house, it drives me nuts,but it's ok cause It makes my mommy laugh! I hold the Art of Meowing...It gets me what I want at Once! Loving my Mommy! Mommy Nathalie says: My BRUCER is one of kind cat! Eveyone that sees him, falls for his Charms! He never fails to put a smile to my face! I Love My BRUCER!

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