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Name: Lucy

Age: 2 1/2 Years


Owner: AliceK

Hometown: Carlsbad, CA

Likes: Lying in the sunshine, playing with squished up sticky notes, drinking water from the faucet

Dislikes: store-bought cat toys, being picked up

AliceK says:

Lucy is the smartest, spunkiest, funniest, sweetest cat on the planet - oh, also the most beautiful, too! She gets my attention if I've been sitting at the computer too long by stretching up and patting me with her paws...or by jumping up on the keyboard. She loves sleeping in her cat bed on top of the printer. She has amazing agility, balance, speed and jumping skills - if she were a human being, she'd be a gymnast or a figure skater. She can jump up on a crowded shelf and walk through a maze of items without knocking anything over! When she jumps, she throws her whole self into the air with complete enthusiasm - it's really funny to see her flying through the air as if she were spring-loaded. She's very vocal and has many different voices. She'll warn you she is jumping up to see you with a little "prrrrp!" She's very friendly, gregarious and adventurous - she loves meeting new people and going new places. She's very affectionate and will cozy up in my lap, give me cat kisses and curl up next to me purring. You can even feel her purr in her paws! She was adopted from a shelter and I can't imagine how she ended up there - how could anyone part with her?! She's mine now and I'm all hers, too.

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