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Mother cats teach their kittens to inhibit biting, so kittens removed from mom at a young age may nip more. Encourage acceptable behavior by offering toys to pounce on instead.

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Name: gail

Age: 8 Months


Owner: george runyon

Hometown: belfry, KY

Likes: tuna-outdoors-sleeping-petting-chaseing butterflies

Dislikes: strangers-door bell

george runyon says:

love cats, have 6 but, gail is special in several ways. first of all she is the only surviver of a litter of 3. she, her sister and a brother was found at around 9 days old @ a park area just across the road from me. on a cold, damp october day i kept hearing the sound of kittens crying in distress near all day long. i went toward the sound twice dureing the day before i found the little things nearly starved and frightened. with no mother in sight, i assumed they were set-out by some careless person. left to die had i not intervened, surely they would have. i took the 3 inside, bought mothers milk to hand feed them and kept them in a box inside hopeing all of them would survive. 1st the other girl died, then the only boy of the three but thus-far gail is doing well. i had her spayed, de-clawed and made her @ home in-doors with me. after nearly a year with me i cant imagine her not being a special part of my home 7 family.

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