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Fur balls occur when cats clean themselves, ingesting their own fur. While these are common, be sure to brush your cat's coat on a regular basis so that this doesn't lead to serious, and even fatal, problems.

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Name: Gus

Age: 2 Months


Owner: Maddi Sullens

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Likes: Cotton Swabs, Sleeping, Getting up on the Counters

Dislikes: Barely anything!

Maddi Sullens says:

Gus is a content little kitten who loves to purr and eat. His main hobbies are sleeping under my knees, and attempting to get that darn ol' cobweb on top of the cabinets. His curiosity for electrical cords has often founded him entangled in some. Gus is very loved and we hope you find him adorable!

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