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While spring and purified water are OK, do not quench your feline's thirst with mineral water. Excess minerals can, over time, promote health problems, such as feline urinary tract disease.

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Name: Garfield

Age: 4 Years


Owner: Gretchen Labutis

Hometown: Plainville, CT

Likes: Playing with ice cubes! He comes running when he hears the ice machine on the fridge. Then i throw him a small one and he bats it all around the house!

Dislikes: When my daughter shuts her bedroom door and he cant get in to sleep with her in her bed. He meows like crazy...like hes saying "Let me in!"

Gretchen Labutis says:

Garfield loves my daughter Sarah. She is like his mommy. He follows her around everywhere. He has to be right next to her, Its so cute! He meows at you, like hes tring to say something, maybe.... wheres my tuna fish? He loves when I fill the dogs bowls with ice water, because he waits for me to throw him a small ice cube and he bats it around the house! He meows at me if i dont give him one! Hes a very loving kitty with a great personality! We Love Garfield!

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