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Name: Black-and-White

Age: 4

Breed: American Shorthair

Owner: None - a community cat

Hometown: Fremont, CA

Likes: Love and Food

Dislikes: Other male cats

None - a community cat says:

Black-and-White came along in 2008, apparently one of the new additions to our small, managed feral colony.  Once he was neutered, however, he blossomed into a very loving, affectionate cat.  He came to my porch and at least one other neighbor's porch 1 or more times per day for love and food (in that order).  He actually lived across a little street in a condo complex where I believe he was born. He probably did not belong to anyone. He had a cute swagger to his walk and had the most pitiful low-pitched meow (but it was a happy meow)! He disappeared about 6-8 months ago for about a week-and-a-half and came back very skinny with an injured paw. On 5/2/12, he disappeared again.  I looked all over for him, even contacting the junior high school behind his home area.  I later found out this last Saturday that he had actually walked into a classroom at that school at least once that year...he was a very friendly cat. Saturday I was at the shelter looking for him and was starting to fill out a lost cat report, when I noticed the dead animals binder.  I looked in there and there was a report of a dead black and white cat picked up on 5/2 on my cross streets.  It is 98% sure that it was him, since he had to cross the small street 1-3 times per day.  There's a 2% hope that it was another black and white cat who I don't know, and that he will return one of these days, recovering from another small injury. He is very much missed, probably by at least one other person besides me, and maybe several more people!

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