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Cat toys stimulate different types of behavior in felines. Choose at least one toy to fulfill each of these desired, feline-inclined activities: carrying, wrestling, rolling and cuddling.

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I have a brother and sister cat, and the male cat won’t allow the female to eat in peace. How can I change this behavior?

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Your situation is a fairly common one for multi-cat households. Related to the other cats or not, some cats will simply pig out on food at the expense of others. Often, male cats will do this to females, but I've seen many large female cats hold their food ground when challenged by others. The behavior probably extends to other scenarios as well, with your male cat taking charge of toys, lap time and various coveted things. While it's natural for some felines to hold this "top cat" position, you can do a lot to mediate the resulting problems. First, feed your cats in two different areas. Provide the food at specific times and places, so the male can't just move from one spot to another. While he's enjoying his chow in one area, your female can be savoring her meal at another location. Sometimes this means feeding your cats in different rooms, but you can also try separating the bowls a good distance from one another within the same room. Or try placing the food at different levels if your cats are young and healthy enough to jump. Whichever solution you choose, it's important to accustom your cats to eating out of their own assigned bowls. Later on, your pets could develop health and weight issues that may require different specific diets

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