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Each cat in your household should have his or her own food and water dishes. The dishes should be shallow and heavy enough to avoid floor movement as your feline eats.

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I\'ve heard that there\'s a summer camp for cats that allows felines to go on a safari. If so, how can that be safe?

I've heard that there's a summer camp for cats that allows felines to go on a safari. If so, how can that be safe?

BY: The Daily Cat experts

I think you might be referring to Pet Camp in San Francisco, which has the nation’s only outdoor adventure area for cats. It allows cats to go on safari in the facility’s protected Safari Gardens, an urban oasis created just for cats. The gardens include a bubbly fountain, plants for exploring, birds within sight for chasing, live tree limbs, and bamboo bridges for traversing. Many cats skip the birds and go right to the strings of tiny mirrors that move in the breeze, casting dancing lights on the ground that mesmerize the curious kitties.

The safari excursion is just one feature at Pet Camp, which describes itself as being “Not your old-school boarding kennel.” It marks a global trend toward boarding and activity facilities for pets that offer more enriching environments, while still providing expected basic services. This particular business is also known for its “green advocacy,” promoting environmentally friendly efforts whenever possible.

Pet Camp services both dogs and cats. “I have been very pleased with the professional approach the staff takes towards the care of all the pets that stay there,” says client Debbie Findling.

So while novel features like safaris can lure cats, dogs and their owners in, I think the human element still reigns supreme. If you are working with a business, like Pet Camp, that features qualified and caring staff members, your cat will likely enjoy the experience -- or at least endure it in safety until your furry pal can come home to you.

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