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Neither Amtrak nor Greyhound allows pets, so consider flying or driving to your destination. Check with your carrier before the trip, as each airline has its own policies regarding pets.

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My cat loves to attack the bed covers, but it wakes me up several times each night. I’ve tried playing with him more to tire him out, but that didn’t work. Any suggestions?

It’s fun to imagine what could be going on in your cat’s mind during such moments: The covers are soft and easily grabbed by curious claws. You are there, so he is happy to have your company and is eager to play. The covers also move slightly now and then, making his new game all the more satisfying. Because most owners are busy during the day, they tend to give their cats attention in the evenings. This, added to the fact that cats are naturally nocturnal animals, can lead to many sleepless nights for owners. Don’t give up on playing with your cat earlier or having someone else do this during the day. Another trick is to provide slightly more food during the evening, without changing his overall daily amount of food. The digestion process slows mammals down, which is one reason why we sometimes want to nap after a heavier meal. To sleep more soundly, try one of the many “cat off” sprays available. Felines tend to dislike the smell of citrus, and they may often leave a room when exposed to the smell. If all else fails, you might have to close your door at night for a while, which could break your cat’s bad-habit cycle. Also, consult with your veterinarian, as sometimes an overactive thyroid can result in hyperactivity.

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