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"Punishment" is not in your cat's vocabulary. Positive reinforcement of good behavior -- with treats, attention and verbal praise -- solves most kitty behavioral problems.

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Expert Q&A

My cat seems to be obsessed with the newspaper I read. She sits on the paper and become quite playful. Why does my cat do this?

It's true that most cats seem to enjoy paper products, such as boxes, tissues, toilet paper rolls and your Sunday-morning paper. Each cat has its own unique personality, so different aspects of these products appeal to different cats. Some love how paper towel rolls move on the ground. Others like the feel and crinkle sound of newspaper. My own cats are in heaven when I pull out a newspaper. Part of that attraction is that I am sitting down and therefore am available to pet the cats and give them attention. The newspaper then becomes associated with several good things. If you have time, try propping up some sheets to create a little tent for your cat to play in or destroy. Hiding food treats or toys under a few pages will also work. But do these things after you've read the paper, or else you might not have full pages to flip.

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