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If you cannot own a cat due to household restrictions, consider volunteering for a local shelter or animal rescue group. You'll meet new friends who share your fondness for felines, and you'll spend quality time with kitties.

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I recall hearing that cat toys all fall into four basic categories. What are they?

You can find all sorts of different cat toys in stores, but nearly all fit into the following four categories:

  • Chasers: Your cat can chase and paw at these toys. Examples include catnip mice, balls and feather wands.
  • Rewarders: Toys that reward your cat in some direct, tangible way fall into this category. Balls with holes that release cat treats, for example, fit this description.
  • Puzzle Solving: Some of the best toys are those that cause your cat to work out a problem, such as how to find a ball in a maze or how to locate a remote-control critter.
  • Exploratory: Crinkly tunnels and small jungle gyms for cats fit into this category. These toys encourage your cat to explore.
Your cat can benefit from all these toys. During your next shopping trip, consider adding one or more of each type to your cat's toy chest if you don't have similar toys already. That way, your pet can exercise all of its brainpower and muscles. Just remember that you are your cat's favorite plaything; in fact, your cat may ignore most toys unless you introduce them and help Fluffy play along.

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