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Many cats enjoy playing with light, bouncy ping-pong balls or plastic practice golf balls. Keep a few on hand for your cat.

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Expert Q&A

I've read that cats don't like it when you stare at them. Is this true and does that mean looking away relaxes them?

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That's partly true. Cats do become anxious when stared at for any length of time. In the wild, this can be a sign of aggression or intimidation that may ultimately lead to a big catfight. Looking away is preferable to a kitty stare-down, but here's something even better to try:

Look into your cat's eyes and then blink slowly. Pet your cat and offer verbal praise after you do this a few times. If your cat also blinks at you by batting both eyes shut, feel flattered: It's a sign of affection and comfort in the feline world!

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