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Try to purchase the freshest possible catnip for your cat and rub it between your fingers to release warmth, aroma and the essential oils that catnip-sensitive felines love.

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My cat Samson always wants to play with me, and he can get very demanding. I wish I had more time to spend with him, but my schedule is limited. What should I do?

Cats are natural hunters and so the desire to pounce and play is very much a part of their makeup. It's wonderful that you are trying to give Samson the playtime he wants but there are also a few other things you can do to help satisfy him without having to quit your job. First, make sure you are varying the types of toys you use. Also -- and this is very important -- make sure you wind the action down gradually as you end a game. This gradual reduction in intensity will help leave him more relaxed instead of abruptly ending the game, which could keep him revved up.

There are wonderful cat entertainment videos and DVDs available at pet supply stores, online, and through mail order. Many cats absolutely love them and they can be a way to provide additional entertainment for a high-energy cat.

Look around your home and see what changes you can make to create a more interesting environment for Samson. Place a multi-perch cat tree by a window so he can watch the birds outside. Create a cat tunnel by connecting several boxes or paper bags together and then hide little toys inside. Rotate the toys you leave out for Samson for solo play (the non-stringed toys) to avoid boredom.

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