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If you cannot own a cat due to household restrictions, consider volunteering for a local shelter or animal rescue group. You'll meet new friends who share your fondness for felines, and you'll spend quality time with kitties.

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Expert Q&A

Do female cats have more health issues than male cats?

Female cats do not have more health issues than male cats do. If you are thinking of adopting a new cat, start a health checklist that includes the following:

  • Is the cat eating and drinking as it should?
  • Is it alert and active?
  • Is it coughing or sneezing?
  • Are its bathroom habits normal?
  • Is it displaying any signs of pain?
  • Are its eyes and ears clean and discharge-free?

If you’re considering adopting a new cat, it helps to know the health history of the animal. One of the best initial steps you can take is to spay or neuter your kitty. All cats can often enjoy a long, fulfilling life if they are neutered and receive proper care. To support a cat’s good health, schedule regular veterinary visits, feed quality food and create a comfortable home environment. In terms of the male versus female debate among cat lovers, there’s also a gender-based generalization that males tend to be more laid-back and playful than “watchful” females. Most of that belief derives from behaviors of cats that haven’t been fixed. There are many reserved male cats and plenty of outgoing female cats. When getting a new cat, it’s best to find one that best matches your own personality and particular needs.

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