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Cats love to play with rubber bands, milk rings, string, pins, needles and even dental floss, but these tiny “toys” can be dangerous for your pet. Be sure to keep them out of paw's reach.

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I have a fixed adult male cat that starts fights with my other cats. How can I get him to stop?

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I’m glad that your cat has been neutered, as that procedure helps to curb aggression in male felines. The timing of the neutering can also be important, since males neutered before sexual maturity -- at around 6 months -- are less likely to spray urine, roam and fight. Observe your cats to see if you can pinpoint what instigates the fighting. Sometimes cats will fight over food, a favorite resting spot, toys or other items. Keep a squirt bottle full of water handy to break up the fights. This may help to discourage the bouts from occurring in the first place. You may have to call in a cat behavior specialist, but before you do that, try redirecting your male cat’s aggression. Spend time playing with him to work off his excess energy. It’s better that he pounces on a pole toy feather or a mechanical mouse than on one of your other cats.

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