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Don't overfill your cat's litter box, as most cats prefer to dig through approximately two inches of material. Fine-grained litters, such as scoopable and clay varieties, also appear to hold kitty appeal.

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How do you stop a cat from peeing on your bed, on the bathmat and even on the dog’s bed?

Inappropriate elimination is one of the most common problems cat owners report. It's also a domino effect problem, since the minute your cat starts to do its business outside the litter box, your pet will return to that place (or in your case, many places) over and over again out of habit and odor cues. Your cat should be spayed or neutered, which will help prevent territorial urine marking. Provide a clean litter box in a quiet location that's easily accessible by your cat. Don't place the litter box near your pet's food or near noisy appliances, like the washer and dryer. Stress can also be a reason cats miss the litter box. Your canine friend might dominate your feline or otherwise make your cat feel anxious. Take care that your pets are properly socialized and get along well with each other. If you rule out all these possibilities, your cat probably has an underlying health issue. Bladder infections, infectious diseases, certain medicines, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, constipation and other problems can all lead to bad "bathroom" habits. Have your cat checked out by a veterinarian to determine what could be wrong.

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