Cat Tips

Assemble a feline first-aid kit. Be sure to include hydrogen peroxide, hydrocortisone ointment, absorbent cotton, a pair of tweezers, sterile eyewash solution, and a syringe for giving oral medications.

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Expert Q&A

Our neighbor has agreed to feed our 18-week-old kitten for two weeks while we are on vacation. Do you think it's OK for us to leave her alone in our house for this period?

I think two weeks is too long for a cat of any age to be left alone. It's not just the feeding and litter cleaning that need to be done. Your kitty also needs playtime and companionship. Your young feline will be confused by the sudden change and she will be lonely. Also, because she is still a youngster, she has that kitten's spirit of adventure in her. She could get herself into trouble when no one is home because she is not getting enough stimulation. I would recommend that someone stay in your home while you are gone. Perhaps there is a family member who would be willing to kitty sit and house sit for you during that time.

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