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Survey your home for common kitty household hazards, including dangling electrical cords, poisonous plants, garbage disposal switches, drapery cords, open clothes dryers, ripped screen doors and breakables to ensure that your cat is truly safe.

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Is it OK for my cats to lie by heating vents?

One thing's for certain: Cats love to nap in warm spots. While the warmth feels good to them, it is not really the best for keeping their skin and coat healthy. Excessive dryness during the winter months, from both the cold outside air and home heaters, may result in dry, flaky skin and a dull coat of fur.

To help avoid the flaky skin and coat, yet still satisfy your cat's penchant for a warm and cozy nesting place, try these ideas. First, place an obstacle, or double-sided sticky tape, near the vent to discourage this napping spot. If you have a sunny window (and you may have to locate two -- one for the morning and one for the afternoon), clear a spot nearby for your cat to be secure and comfortable so it can soak up the sun. You may want to get your cats a special cat perch or bed just for the spot. If there are no sunny spots in your home, you might try a gently heated kitty bed or a bed with a hot water bottle tucked under it. This will help keep your pets out of the direct draft of the dry heat, and they'll be as content and cozy as ever.

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