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Name: TC

Age: 7

Breed: American Shorthair Mix

Owner: Megan Ralston

Hometown: Franklin, PA

Likes: Laying on homework, pepperoni pizza

Dislikes: Guinea pigs, Michael

Megan Ralston says:

TC is a shelter pet who met with the Ralstons five years ago, who was the hard-won prize of Crystal and his 'human-mommy' Megan, who fought Michael the dog-lover for ten years to get a cat. Crystal knew the second she saw the big tabby farmcat that he was the one they wanted to take home. TC went back to a home with one dog and three guinea pigs, and even though Katie seemed like a big hulking monster, TC and the golden retreiver quickly established a peace treaty. TC is now known for his calm nature, the odd way he'll start licking if you scratch the right spot on his back, and being adorable as any tiny kitten despite his bulky size. Megan's dad still throws insults at the cat, but TC's spot in the Ralston home is set in stone by his adoring fans Megan and Crystal. He still shies away from the guinea pigs, not quite aware that most other cats would think of them as a tasty morsel, but other than that, TC is perfectly content in his Pennsylvania home, with a doting kitty mommy and all the backyard space he could ever want. He never ceases to brighten Megan, Cody, and Crystal's days!!!

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