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To avoid unwanted disasters such as meaty bones causing splintering and bleeding, never feed your cat table scraps. Onions, garlic, tomatoes, chocolate, grapes, raisins and other foods are also poisonous for kitties.

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Cute Cats


Name: Brody

Age: 10

Breed: Maine Coon mix

Owner: Yvonne B

Hometown: Coachella Valley, CA

Likes: sitting in the soft chair on the patio, crunch treats, drinking water from the tap, lots of pets, tripping mommy is also fun

Dislikes: having his nails trimmed, taking medicine, getting a hair cut

Yvonne B says:

Brody is my special friend. He was rejected by his own cat mommy in the home where he was born so he had to be bottle fed from the beginning of his little life. When he came to me he was not well. He had worms very badly and needed care. Because he does not like taking medicine I had to be very careful when treating him. Today Brody is healthy and happy. He does have to still have his hair cut because we live in the desert and it's too hot for his thick Maine Coon coat. But we have worked that all out, I let him walk around freely on the table and trim him. It's not always pretty, but he is much happier without that heavy fur. He is my little love.

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