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Although milk is not toxic to cats, it can cause digestive upset in many felines. Look instead for special cat milk, which has been treated with an enzyme that prevents stomach problems.

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Rescue Hero Story About Blaze


Name: Blaze

Age: 6


Owner: Jay

Hometown: Mobile, AL

My Rescue Story:

This is Blaze. She was rescued by local firefighters from a house fire at 3 weeks old. I bottle fed her and am now her human. She hates my other cat Cosmo, also a rescue from a local shelter. She rules the house as its queen. She is just becoming tolerant of my wife. She is loving and loves toys, scratching posts (having destoryed one) and chasing lasers. She will come and tell me its time for bed around 10 o'clock and will snuggle in the bed until I fall asleep. She's my baby.

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