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Try to determine your cat's breed (or breeds), as certain health conditions have genetic links. For example, Persians and Abyssinians tend to be at risk for kidney problems, which are manageable if diagnosed early.

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Rescue Hero Story About Aruba and Rasta

Aruba and Rasta

Name: Aruba and Rasta

Age: 1


Owner: Darla Gannon

Hometown: springfield, MO

My Rescue Story:

I rescued both of these kittys. Rasta the Black one dumped at Vet clinic and Aruba dumped on side of the road. Aruba has since passed on from a liver problem but I was able to give her 2 great years of life and loved her to death. Rasta is the best ever and a lover at heart. The best rescues I have ever made . They bring so much to my life

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