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Give your cat a nose-to-tail exam, making sure that its ears and teeth are clean and odorless, fur is free of parasites, skin is lump- and bump-free, and weight has remained stable.

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Rescue Hero Story About Kyla


Name: Kyla

Age: 4


Owner: Vicky

Hometown: fair oaks, CA

My Rescue Story:

I had just put my 17 y/o lab retriever down 6 months before I headed to Petco for my first cat. I was looking at another cat when my cousin said Kyla noticed me and came to the front of her cage staring at me. I asked to hold her and she buried her head under my arm and began "kneading" my leg. I said "I'll take her". She was going to Petco every weekend for 8 months waiting for someone to adopt her. I believe she was meant for and waiting for me to come get her. She is the most loving, sweet, mild tempered cat. I couldn't ask for a better 1st time cat.

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