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To train your cat to scratch acceptable objects, sprinkle catnip and a few food treats on a sisal-wrapped scratching post, a corrugated cardboard scratcher or even a non-treated fireplace log. Place it next to the object you wish to protect.

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Rescue Hero Story About Rhubarb


Name: Rhubarb

Age: 10


Owner: Tabetha Reiman

Hometown: Elwood, NE

My Rescue Story:

My son and his friend stopped on a gravel road one night after a softball game, and found this kitten all by herself in the middle of nowhere. They found two other kittens nearby, but they were both dead from hunger. They brought this little one home and gave her to my youngest daughter, who named her Rhubarb to go along with our older cat, Peaches. "Rhu" is doing great, and growing up strong and healthy thanks to the save!

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