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Many animal shelters provide follow-up assistance after you adopt your cat. Check with your local shelter to see if pet parenting, behavioral training or other classes are offered.

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Rescue Hero Story About Marley


Name: Marley

Age: 3


Owner: Eric Tremblay

Hometown: Gainesville, FL

My Rescue Story:

When I arrived at the local humane society, I ask God please help me find the cat that is right for me. I then was directed to "the cat room." This room houses over 100 cats. My first impression was I will never find the right cat out of all these. Then Marley approached me. He laid on the ground and wrapped all four legs around my foot. As I tried to walk he just held on. I was not leaving without him. I was told that Marley was found as a stray on the streets. I have had him for two weeks and he seems to be adapting to apartment living very well. My prayers were answered.

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