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Hairless cat breeds, such as a Sphinx or a Peterbald, don't necessarily mean less maintenance. Although these cats are beautiful, unusual and affectionate, their exposed skin often requires more care than that of a typical furry feline.

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Rescue Hero Story About Oreo


Name: Oreo

Age: 4


Owner: AJ

Hometown: Elverta, CA

My Rescue Story:

One day i was walking home from school and I see a dead cat on teh road, and i knew she had kittens around since i spotted her bfore . so as I'm checking out the abbandoned hose i find this little guy just laying in teh back seat of teh car, I take him home put him in a box with a warm bottle to keep him warm and by him formula. Now he's teh most cutest playfullest little guy i know and i would never give him up.

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