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Cats can't "work out" problems, because they're territorial animals. Stop fights between house cats by blowing a whistle, squirting a bit of water or by tossing a soft object, like a pillow, near them.

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Rescue Hero Story About Kitkat


Name: Kitkat

Age: 5


Owner: Tracy

Hometown: Parma, OH

My Rescue Story:

Our neighborhood has many stray cats. July 4th 2009, my fiance and I were outside when Kitkat came around and wouldn't leave. During rainstorms he would come sit by our door ans I would feel so bad. If i didn't see him for a couple day, I would start to get worried. So we decided to take a chance and give hime a home. It was teh best decision we ever made. He filled our hearts with love and he got a new home. It was a win-win!!

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