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Cat Tips

To avoid unwanted disasters such as meaty bones causing splintering and bleeding, never feed your cat table scraps. Onions, garlic, tomatoes, chocolate, grapes, raisins and other foods are also poisonous for kitties.

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Rescue Hero Story About Kitkat


Name: Kitkat

Age: 5


Owner: Tracy

Hometown: Parma, OH

My Rescue Story:

Our neighborhood has many stray cats. July 4th 2009, my fiance and I were outside when Kitkat came around and wouldn't leave. During rainstorms he would come sit by our door ans I would feel so bad. If i didn't see him for a couple day, I would start to get worried. So we decided to take a chance and give hime a home. It was teh best decision we ever made. He filled our hearts with love and he got a new home. It was a win-win!!

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