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To make your cat's day, set up a birdfeeder outdoors and then provide your feline with a comfortable, sunny window seat to watch the avian action.

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Rescue Hero Story About Mr Page

Mr Page

Name: Mr Page

Age: 3


Owner: Sam & Shannon

Hometown: wichita falls, TX

My Rescue Story:

I was a feral kitty. My cat mom Beyonce had me on steph & patrck's porch. So I was friendly to people. I lived outside with my 2 brothers Slash & Diego, who have now passed away on 7-29-2010. I was always the GOOD kitty & stayed with my CAT mom. One night my human mom threw some turkey outside over the veranda and brought me in for good. I have a fresh water bowl every day and full of kitten chow. I have cat toys to play with, a NICE Farmville Farm, a Facebook page, and two human brothers, Sam and Tim to torcher. We are all very lucky to have eachother!

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