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Cat toys stimulate different types of behavior in felines. Choose at least one toy to fulfill each of these desired, feline-inclined activities: carrying, wrestling, rolling and cuddling.

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Rescue Hero Story About Jelli Cat

Jelli Cat

Name: Jelli Cat

Age: 3


Owner: Cara Hergenroether

Hometown: Mableton, GA

My Rescue Story:

I rescued Jelli the day my 18-year-old cat Samantha died. Jelli was almost 2 years old. She was found at about a year old with kittens. The kittens were adopted but Jelli needed some socialization and spent several months in a foster home and several months waiting for adoption at the local PetsMart. According to the adoption group, two previous attempts to adopt her had failed. In the two years we've had her, she's gone from a cat too afraid to come out from our guest room to one who cuddles with us and enjoys teasing and playing with two rather large English Bulldogs. I'm so proud to see this once unadoptable cat flourish.

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