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With a child's toothbrush, a finger brush or a special cat toothbrush, brush your feline's teeth with cat toothpaste on a regular basis. Start slowly and very gently, offering tasty treats to discourage squirming, before attempting to increase brushing times.

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Rescue Hero Story About Yuki


Name: Yuki

Age: 3


Owner: elaine

Hometown: tampa, FL

My Rescue Story:

I rescued Yuki from a feral colony at 12 weeks old. He came home with me dirty, hungry, scared and cross-eyed. My female Oci adopted him, bathed him and introduced him to the rest of my cat family. That is when he finally started to purr. Because of his cross eyes, Yuki would run into walls regularly. He also does not judge distances and cannot jump gracefully. He is the funniest cat! He loves his cookies, likes to fetch, play hide and seek and hunt for lizards. He did not meow for about a year and still only meows when he is ready to go outside to look for lizards. I love him to death (he is 2 years old now). I encourage everyone looking to adopt a new kitty to give a homeless cat a chance. Yuki is so special and beautiful, his life would have been so different and stressful in the wild.

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