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Kittens are usually immune to catnip, so if you have a kitten, refrain from purchasing catnip until your pet is at least 6 months of age or older.

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Rescue Hero Story About Andy and Tiger

Andy and Tiger

Name: Andy and Tiger

Age: 0


Owner: Jacqueline

Hometown: Winchendon, MA

My Rescue Story:

They were two of four kittens about 2-3 months old at the time when someone just dumped them off in the woods beside my house in early Fall 2007. I tried to befriend them to no avail. The least I could do was feed and water them, along with a neighbor who also fell in love with them. By mid-November, two of them had disappeared, but these two were still around. My sister came to visit and managed to catch them in a hav-a-hart trap. They are now with her, both neutered and well cared for. I already had three cats and didn't feel I could take in two kittens with two elderly cats in the house. My sister is a cat lady...her cats are her children. These are two of the most beautifully marked cats I've ever seen. How anyone could have just thrown them away is beyond me. Although they are safe, warm, secure and loved as we speak, and always will be, they are still skitterish and will only allow my sister to talk to them. They will not allow her to touch them or pat them. We both would like more information on feral cats. We are both exposed to them almost constantly. I'll keep looking on your site for any information about ferals. Thank you.

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