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What's better than adopting one cat? Adopting two! They will keep each other company, and two felines means double the love and affection for you.

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Rescue Hero Story About ALIX


Name: ALIX

Age: 6


Owner: Barb

Hometown: milton, FL

My Rescue Story:

This lonely cat was found in a cardboard box by the garbage can. We took the trash out and heard this little peep sound. We moved the box and it moved: We quickly but carefully opened the box and there is a little kitten about 10 wks old or so in the box with a dead one. There was nothing we could do for the dead one that was apparent. We took the live one back to the house. it ran and hide. called the vet and got him in right away. Turned out he was malnurished, and had a flea collar on to tight. We brought him home and nmaed him ALIX. he is know a little over a year old up to date on shot s and netured and I feel he is the happiest cat. He his very demanding on my attention, not so much for my husband. Thank you for letting me share Alixs' story.

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