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With a child's toothbrush, a finger brush or a special cat toothbrush, brush your feline's teeth with cat toothpaste on a regular basis. Start slowly and very gently, offering tasty treats to discourage squirming, before attempting to increase brushing times.

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Rescue Hero Story About Bailey


Name: Bailey

Age: 7


Owner: Sandy Hawthorne

Hometown: Bartow, FL

My Rescue Story:

This big, beautiful baby boy is SOOO sweet. I went to the SPCA to get an Adult girl and the lady made me look at him. When she handed him to me, he put those long legs around my neck and gave me kisses on my cheeks! Did you think I would leave him after that? This lwas love at first sight and I wouldn't take a million dollars for my Bailey. You can't buy love like that! Lucky kitty, lucky me!!

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